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Frequent Collaborators

Mike O' Shea

Illustrator and Animator

Mike displays a refreshingly analogue approach to his craft, perhaps rooted in his deep seeded technophobia. His animation and art displays a unique subconscious flow that he uses to great effect, but never to the point where it interferes with the subject of the project.

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Erik Nilsson

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

A relocated American of Scandinavian stock, Erik pushes his nerdy coding and design knowledge through a filter of skateboarding, caffeine and food snobbery to produce user focused, aesthetically subtle work.

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Andrew "Gibbo" Gibbons

Music Supervision and Copywriting

A music buff with an analogue approach to lofi beat making, Gibbo's method is distinctly laborious in today's digital world, but is nonetheless defined by a choice ear for loop-able anomalies. The imperfections of tape hiss and odd timing give his work a real charm that's devoid of sterile pro-tools overkill.

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